of all and all.
Have you been working in the country lately and is the house you are building getting on?
It appears that Claude Monet has done fine things, my brothers writes to say that he has at present an exhibition of 10 new pictures. One representing pinetrees by the seaside with a red sunset casting a red glow over stems, branches, foliage and the ground itself — a marvel I hear.1
Bernard is doing good things I believe and taking a lot of trouble.
Gauguin is still at Pont-Aven and suffering of his liver complaint but working nevertheless


Br. 1990: 629 | CL:
From: Vincent van Gogh
To: John Peter Russell
Date: Arles, on or about Sunday, 17June 1888

1. This painting by Monet is Under the pine trees at the end of the day [1593]: see letter 615, n. 11. Theo sold the work to Paul Aubry for 2800 francs on 29 June 1888. See Wildenstein 1996, cat. no. 1191 and exhib. cat. Amsterdam 1999, p. 215.