Paris, 2 Sept. 1875

My dear Borchers,
Thanks for your letter, which I received this morning and which gave me pleasure. I hope to come to Holland at Christmas and, if I can, immediately to The Hague, and we must then make sure not to miss each other.
I’m glad that you still have a passion for reading, that’s always good, at least such books as you read. I still keep it up, too; an employee in our office1 who has gone on holiday  1v:2 to Holland has just promised to bring me a copy of ‘Motley, Geschiedenis der 17 provinciën’.2
As you know, I’m now in Paris; so I’ve wandered rather a lot since we saw each other on my last day in The Hague,3 and it seems to me that it was a great deal longer than 2 years ago.
Warm regards, give my regards to your Mother and sisters as well,4 and believe me

Ever yours,
V.W. van Gogh


Br. 1990: 043 | CL: -
From: Vincent van Gogh
To: Egbert Borchers
Date: Paris, Thursday, 2 September 1875

1. It is not known who this employee of Goupil at Paris was, though possibly it is the same person mentioned in letter 69, ll. 23-24.
2. De opkomst van de Nederlandsche Republiek. The Hague 1859, a translation of The rise of the Dutch Republic. A history. London 1856 by John Lothrop Motley.
3. Van Gogh had left The Hague on 10 May 1873 in connection with his transfer to London.