Welwyn,1 19 Dec. 1875.

Dear Vincent and Theo,2
My heartfelt thanks to you both for your last letters, which we were very glad to receive.
How wonderful it will be at home at Christmas. It’s been very cold here, but now it’s very mild. Theo, how awful about your leg, is it now completely better? We’ll  1v:2 probably have a Christmas tree. Our holiday begins on Thursday. And now, goodbye dear Vincent and Theo, I wish you both a very merry Christmas.

Yours, your loving sister

P.S. I thank you for what you sent, I was very glad to get it.


Br. 1990: 062 | CL: -
From: Willemien van Gogh
To: Vincent van Gogh
Date: Welwyn, Sunday, 19 December 1875

1. Willemien was staying with Anna.
2. Vincent and Theo spent Christmas with their parents in Etten. Vincent arrived on Thursday, 23 or Friday, 24 December and left for Paris on Monday, 3 January 1876 (FR b2382 and b2225).