Paris, 1 Sept. 1887.

Dear Sir,1
Your Honour will remember that when I left Nuenen with the intention of coming back to Holland, it was sufficient for me to take a notice of removal with me (to Antwerp) — (see 23 November 1885).2
My travel plans having wholly changed, and wishing to register myself in Paris, the paper Your Honour gave me is only sufficient temporarily. And so I hereby request you simply to send me a domestic passport,3 which together with the notice of removal to Antwerp is sufficient proof of my identity.
Would you be so kind as to send this paper to my mother’s address:

Nieuwe Ginnekenstraat Breda4

or directly to my address:

V.W. van Gogh
54 rue Lepic Paris.

Thanking Your Honour in advance for your trouble, I remain, yours faithfully,

Your Honour’s obedient servant
Vincent W. van Gogh


Br. 1990: 577 | CL: -
From: Vincent van Gogh
To: Johannes van Hombergh
Date: Paris, Thursday, 1 September 1887

2. Van Gogh had officially signed out of the register on 23 November 1885, citing his move to Antwerp, according to the ‘Certificate of change of actual place of residence’) (Getuigschrift van verandering van werkelijke woonplaats), and giving his occupation as ‘painter’ (FR b1507). Cf. De Brouwer 1984, p. 102.
3. See for the ‘domestic passport’ (binnenlands paspoort): letter 384, n. 3. In the same month Van Gogh must also have a submitted a request for a copy of his entry in the register of births to the district of Zundert, since such a copy was sent on 12 September 1887. Van Gogh’s application has not survived (RAW). See Tralbaut 1975, p. 76. These were the two documents that Van Gogh presented on 16 October 1888 at the Arles town hall, so that he could be officially registered as living in place Lamartine (FR b2949).
4. Mrs van Gogh lived at no. 649bis Nieuwe Ginnekenstraat in Breda (district B).