Winschoten1 31 December 1888

My dear friend!
You have heard nothing from me for a long time. Now I wish you herewith a happy New Year, and will shortly reply to your letter that I received this summer.2

Adieu, more soon


Br. 1990: 732 | CL: -
From: Arnold Koning
To: Vincent van Gogh
Date: Winschoten, Monday, 31 December 1888

1. Winschoten is in the province of Groningen, in the northeastern Netherlands.
2. This letter to Koning is not known; Vincent reported in letter 657 of 8 August 1888 that he had written to him the previous week. On 15 September 1888 Koning informed Theo: ‘I received a very nice letter from Vincent, by now some time ago. I haven’t answered it yet, it’s disgraceful, but I’ll write to him one of these days’ (FR b1080).