Arles, 16 July 1889.

I have made enquiries in Paris about the book you ordered from me1 and they replied that it was out of print. If you want another volume, please give me the title, and I shall send it to you forthwith; if not, I shall return your money on your next visit to me. Yours faithfully,

successor to A. Jauffret.2


Br. 1990: - | CL: -
From: Henriette Lamblot-Gardin
To: Vincent van Gogh
Date: Arles, Tuesday, 16 July 1889

1. On Sunday, 7 July 1889 Van Gogh undertook a supervised journey to Arles (see letters 787 and 789). It is not known which book he ordered.
2. The bookshop owned by Anaïs Jauffret, 12 rue de la Poissonnerie, was taken over in 1889 by Marie Henriette Pauline Lamblot-Gaudin.