[Letterhead: Les Vingt Brussels]

15 November 1889

The Association of Les Vingt, founded in 1883 with the goal of organizing an international exhibition in Brussels each year, comprising the works of its members and of twenty Belgian and foreign artists chosen from among those most sympathetic to the artistic principles it represents, requests that you do it the honour of participating in its seventh annual Salon by sending one or more of your works.
The exhibition will open in the second half of January, and will last one month.
The invited painters will each have four metres of rail at their disposal.
The catalogue of the last Salon,1 which you will receive at the same time as this invitation, will enable you to appreciate the character of the exhibitions of Les Vingt, which were instituted with an exclusively artistic goal and have taken first place in Belgium in the evolution of the Arts.
The association requests you, Sir, to kindly let us know as soon as possible if you accept its invitation, as the number of these is strictly limited, and to inform us before 15 December of the notes and comments you wish to see featured in the catalogue.
The costs of return transport are borne by the treasury of Les Vingt.

A further notice will inform you of the latest date for dispatch, as well as providing information relating to the sending of works.
Please accept the expression of our feelings of artistic brotherhood and very high consideration.

For Les Vingt
The Secretary
Barrister accredited to the Court of Appeal.


Br. 1990: 820 | CL: -
From: Octave Maus
To: Vincent van Gogh
Date: Brussels, Friday, 15 November 1889

1. For this catalogue, see Delevoy 1981, pp. 165-196.