Arles 10 June 1890

Mr Vincent
I am replying to your two letters,1 if we have delayed so long it is that my husband has been ill, he had a little accident, he had some friends, as chance had it they were present at the arrival of the bullocks, and the bullock butted him in the ribs, he could not walk, it gave him great pain, as for me I am much better, but I am still very tired, I cannot do anything. On Saturday he will send what you ask of us.2  1v:2 He is much better, he can start to work in a few days, we would really have wanted to see you before leaving, we really regretted that you did not come here to Arles.
You have compliments from all the neighbours. Mrs Bressy3 says they will go and see you for a day or two in Paris.
Nothing else for the moment, give us news of yourself sometimes, you will give us great pleasure, we shall not remain so long in giving you a reply.  1v:3
I shall end, my husband joins with me in shaking your hand in our hearts and in friendship.

On Saturday he will send you your things to your address which you sent us.


Br. 1990: 886 | CL: -
From: Marie Ginoux-Julien
To: Vincent van Gogh
Date: Arles, Tuesday, 10 June 1890

1. This letter crossed Van Gogh’s third letter to the Ginouxs (see letter 881).
2. Van Gogh had asked the Ginouxs to send to Auvers the furniture he had stored with them in Arles. He confirmed receipt of it in letter 898, written on or about 10 July.
3. Most likely Madeleine Bressy, née Ferrary. Cf. letter 773, n. 3.